10 More Mind-Blowing Photography Facts

If you enjoyed reading about mind-blowing photography facts, here are 10 more that you will find fascinating. 1. The World’s First Color Photograph Was Taken Over 150 Years AgoPhysicist James Clerk Maxwell first described the modern three-color process we use for color photographs in a paper in 1855. Thomas Sutton was the first to put it to use in 1861, when he took a photo of a colorful bow. The image was relatively imperfect, as the material used was not particularly sensitive to green and almost totally insensitive to red. It is believed that the image was actually created by ultraviolet, blue-green, and blue wavelengths, which can be seen by its relatively imperfect rendition. Nonetheless, it was the beginning of the same fundamental process we use for creating color images today. 2. The First Flashes Could Literally Kill YouOne of the first methods of producing artificial light for a photo was by using a mixture of magnesium powder and potassium chlorate spread onto a surface, then ignited. This caused a literal explosion, and accidental explosions of the volatile compound could cause serious injury. 3. The First Mass-Produced Autofocus Camera Came Out in 1977Autofocus has been around for quite a while now. The Konica C35 AF came out in November of 1977 and used the Visitronic AF system designed by Honeywell. The camera was highly popular, going on to sell over a million units. Later, the Polaroid SX-70 Sonar OneStep would become the first SLR camera with autofocus (1978), with the Pentax ME-F being the first 35mm SLR with autofocus (1981). You can see the camera in the lead image of this article (by John Nuttall, used under Creative Commons). 4. The First Aerial Photograph Was Taken in 1858

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