3 Common Issues With Photography Websites

A photographer’s website is their calling card and one of the most crucial aspects of their business. As such, it is important to carefully consider every aspect of yours. This excellent video discusses three ways you might be going wrong with your website.

Coming to you from John Branch IV Photography, this helpful video discusses three mistakes you might be making with your photography website. One particularly common issue I see is not checking that your site is optimized well for mobile devices. A ton of people do the majority of their browsing on their phones or tablets nowadays, and with the expectation of quickly loading sites and well organized mobile designs, it can be very easy to lose a potential client if your mobile site does not provide an efficient and good experience. Thankfully, most design tools and applications have built-in simulation tools for checking how your site will look on a phone or tablet before you even export and upload it, making it easy to check this. Also, be sure that your image file sizes are not too big, as mobile data speeds are not always particularly quick. Check out the video above for more and a lot of helpful advice.


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