4 Ways That I Find Photography Locations

Location scouting is a job you do, whether you know it or not. In this video, I discuss the four methods that I often use for finding the perfect photoshoot location. 
When you’re the location scout for your own shoot, keep in mind that you are the eyes for the entire crew. There are many others who rely on your detailed information to perform their jobs. Take pictures of things that have little to do with the actual photograph too. Here are some examples:
Street Sweeping: This could affect your shoot day and the number of parking spaces available. Take pictures of the signs and do not rely on memory for these things.
Surrounding Homes/Businesses: Will your production affect a local business or nosy neighbor? Take pictures and collect business data where possible. 
Restrooms: A small bathroom break could eat up lots of production time if you pick a location without access. Is there a restaurant you can pay for this access? Maybe you get lunch from there, and you’re able to use their restrooms?
Nearest Hardware/Drug Store: There are always items that are forgotten that you’ll need to send a production assistant to for a last-minute pick-up. Make it easy for them.
Nearest Hospital: Protect yourself and others by listing the nearest hospital. 
The Sun’s Location: Take a photo of where the sun’s position was during the visit. Do you like it or are there shadows that need to change for a better photograph? 
Sidewalk Width: Think of rolling racks for the stylist, or a group of people there. You want to have space for all of them, including the local residents. Finding some of the important items listed above can really happen in a variety of ways, like online search or even driving there yourself. The video goes through four methods that I currently use depending on the project at hand.

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