5 Lighting Concepts Photographers Could Borrow From Cinematographers

Cinematography and photography might be separate disciplines in most regards, but there are a lot of crossovers, particularly when it comes to lighting. That’s an area each profession can borrow from the other.

Light cares not for what you’re doing with it, and for videographers, cinematographers, photographers, and simply people with a camera phone, its recorded in more or less the same way, with only the amount of light necessary to achieve a look changing. The fundamentals of how to light a scene or a person do not really vary, and I find that many of the most cinematic lighting setups you see are my favorite for editorial portraits too.

In fact, when I’ve had to do several portrait shoots for magazines in testing conditions (invariably with a musician in a room at their label) I immediately call upon lighting concepts from cinema. My rule is generally, if the location is boring, the light has to be interesting. I’m not sure I have ever been in a location where a change of perspective and lighting couldn’t solve an otherwise dull shoot.

In this (frankly superb) video, In Depth Cine goes through five common lighting concepts you will see in cinematography, and why cinematographers ought to have all of them in their arsenal. While he aims it at cinematographers, photographers can get a lot from the information and examples given.


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