5 Thoughts on Why the Fujifilm X100V is Almost Perfect

The Fujifilm X100V is a great little camera and has received widespread acclaim. Here is one photographers thought on what makes it almost perfect.The Fujifilm X100 series has been confidently swelling in spec and appeal since its initial launch in September 2010. The momentum seemed to really pick up around the X100F which found its way into the hearts of many different demographics. The newest entry to the series, at scarcely more than the X100F, is the X100V which seemed to be the most well received so far. For such a little camera, so much can be achieved that it’s hard to imagine not wanting it as your walkaround camera.Although Burling isn’t a fan of the focal length, a 35mm (full frame equivalent) at f/2 is almost exactly what I would want. Add in 4k video and the new tilt screen and this becomes a strong option for vloggers and social media moguls. The slow motion feature that Burling mentions is just another feather in that particular cap, and those who want some quick and easy b-roll from time to time. For me, however, one of the best parts about Fuji is the ergonomics. Their cameras have just been getting easier and nicer to use for some time now. Not to mention, the silver bodies they offer are gorgeous. Offer a silver GFX 100 Fuji and I will be powerless not to buy it.What are your thoughts on the X100V?

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