6 Artists Who Can Improve Your Architectural Photography

Though photography may be a relatively new medium, visual representations of our world most certainly are not. Here are some artists that are worth studying if you want to improve your architectural photography, particularly in black and white.

Perhaps I’m alone in this belief, but I think that architectural photography is one of the most deceptively difficult disciplines in our craft. Given the magnitude of architecture, you could be forgiven for thinking that taking photographs of buildings is straightforward both in-camera and in post-processing. Anyone who has tried it and has aimed for a great image will know that’s not the case.

There are a number of ingredients to architectural photography that make it so difficult. Firstly, there is the common issue for many difficult photograph subgenres: a lack of control. You can’t move the building, you can rarely control the light, you can’t control the weather, and so on. Then you have the many technical difficulties like perspective, composition, and an intricate processing workflow. 

In this video, veteran architectural photographer, Steven Brooke, goes through six artists that are worth your time if you’re looking for inspiration or simply to improve your own work, particularly if it’s black and white. For more instruction on architectural photography, I would recommend our tutorials with Mike Kelley, the most recent being the most advanced.


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