6 Tips for Creating Buttery Smooth Backgrounds

A fast telephoto lens might be the solution for the perfectly smooth background that isolates your subject; however, there is more you should know to achieve the perfectly blurred background.When it comes to wildlife photography, one of your biggest challenges is separating your subject from the background. Considering the busy and distracting settings in wilderness, the best way to separate your subject is blurring the background. Therefore, you will need a fast aperture lens with an appropriate focal length, and usually these kinds of telephoto lenses come at a cost. Even if you have all the required professional gear, you might still need to fall in line with some rules to achieve that smooth, creamy background.Regardless of your camera brand and model, there are some technical details to consider when shooting in nature. In this nine-minute video, wildlife photographer Steve Perry shares his tips and tricks about how to get the best results when trying to achieve shallow depth of field and creamy background. His tricks cover a wide range of topics that include how to use your gear, how to adjust your angle when shooting, and some more technical details, such as the effect of sensor size when shooting in nature.If you have any tips for getting the smoothest background, let us know in the comments section below.

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