7 Lightroom Features I Wish Existed

I’m an Adobe Lightroom user, and although I love the way Lightroom Classic works, I think there’s still a lot to be improved on. From historical hangups to advanced features designed for busy professionals, here are some Lightroom features I wish existed.I use Lightroom Classic over CC because I’m a full-time photographer and CC just doesn’t have enough editing options for my intensive workload. Lightroom Classic is my go-to image editor, because it’s fast, intuitive, and non-destructive, but there’s still a way to go until it’s perfect. Here are my two cents worth of updates I’d like to see in the future.Match Up the Crop Tool Aspect RatioFor some reason, amidst all the updating of software over the past few years, Adobe seems to have left an inconsistency along the way. Go into Lightroom and crop your photo. You’ll see that the crop is unlocked, meaning you can make it any size you like without holding down the shift key. Now, go into Photoshop and do the same thing. Yep, that’s right, it’s locked: wherever you move your crop anchors, the aspect ratio remains the same.

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