8 Reasons Your Photos Are Bad

We all want to take better photos, of course. It is a never-ending process that everyone from inexperienced beginner to seasoned professional works on. If you feel like you are stuck and not improving, this excellent video discusses eight reasons why your photos might be bad. 

Coming to you from Mango Street, this great video discusses eight reasons why your photos might be bad. Of the eight, I think the one that most of us (no matter our skill level or experience) fall prey to at one time or another is overediting. A lot of avoiding this trap is simply building up your experience and taste, but when you are in the middle of an edit, your eyes can get tired and it can be easy to lose perspective of how far you have pushed the image and when it is starting to look gaudy or overdone. I like to keep my left hand on my keyboard, almost reflexively zooming out every minute or so to quickly check the overall progress, and I also like to step away from my computer for a minute once I finish the edit, then reevaluate it with fresh eyes before I export. Check out the video above for the full rundown.


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