$8,000 for Posting a Selfie? Photographer Breaches Quarantine Laws and Incurs Massive Fine

A photographer in the United Kingdom has been ordered to pay a fine of more than $8,000 after posting a selfie to Instagram which proved that she had broken quarantine laws.

Carys Ingram who describes herself as a fashion, events, and wedding photographer had flown from Manchester, England to the island of Jersey. Upon arrival, she was then legally obliged to remain in quarantine until receiving a second negative test five days after her return. It emerged in court that Ingram had left her home repeatedly in order to go shopping and to a restaurant.

As reported by The Independent, Ingram posted a selfie to her Instagram of her trip to the El Tico restaurant in St Oen’s Bay. Authorities had attempted to contact Miss Ingram during her isolation but were not able to make contact, and the selfie was used as proof that she was ignoring quarantine regulations.

For her two breaches, Ingram was given the choice of six months in prison or a fine of £6,600 ($8,625), opting for the latter.

It later emerged that one of the passengers on the same flight as Ingram had tested positive for Covid-19.

Lead image from StockPhotoSecrets.


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