A Photographer Lists the Gear He Regrets Buying

We’ve all bought things we either get buyer’s remorse for, or somewhere down the line realize it wasn’t a good investment. Here is one photographer and videographer’s list of such regrets.The longer you’ve been involved in photography, the more items appear on this list generally. I am far more restrained than I used to be. When I bought my first camera I used to do what so many new photographers do: I would look at the equipment used for a shot I like and attribute far too much credit to the items listed. Seldom could I afford to purchase them, but it certainly colored my purchases going forward.I don’t have any large regrets as I never spend any significant amount without a lot of thought and research, even during my worst period for impulse purchasing I didn’t ever spend a lot. My worst purchase is without question the Canon 75-300mm telephoto lens which was extremely cheap second-hand for good reason. One of the softest lenses I’ve ever used, whether because I got a poor copy or it’s just showing its age, it did not serve me well. I also bought an ultra-wide angle lens that was manual focus to do astrophotography, but couldn’t do astrophotography anywhere near me. I don’t have a single shot taken with it that I have kept, and I keep basically every image in focus.What are the purchases you regret buying and why? Share them in the comment section below.

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