A Photographer’s Review: The Dell XPS 15 Laptop

I’ve lived with the Dell XPS 15 laptop as my main computer for all my photo and video editing for the past year. Should you buy it for your photo editing? Here’s my full review of what it’s like as a creative content maker, warts and all.As a creative professional that’s always on the go, I wanted to invest in a decent laptop in order to edit my content from wherever I am, whether taking shelter in the car from a snowstorm that blows over Iceland, in a coffee shop in downtown London, or simply sitting at home on the couch. I also wanted the biggest bang for my buck, so that’s why last year, I settled on the Dell XPS 15 9570 laptop.Why didn’t I just go for a MacBook Pro? Well, mostly because I wanted to get the highest spec laptop for the least amount of money. And before you ask, it doesn’t really have anything to do with the operating system, because I know both intimately and am happy using them interchangeably. So, let’s start my review by looking at the specs I went with, and then I’ll detail how I feel about it now that I’ve lived with it as my main computer over the past year.

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