Adobe Announces a New Version of Lightroom, Sort Of

Adobe has announced — and then unannounced — a range of updates to Lightroom, bringing a new color wheel, improved tethering, better zoom, and general overall performance improvements. Will you appreciate the difference?

Rather confusingly, the Adobe website suggests that the update has already been released, but it seems that the new version will not be available until later on October 20. From a statement made to DPReview, it seems that Adobe announced that the new version was available for download and then clarified that customers will actually have to wait. Did Adobe spot a bug that needed last-minute tweaking?

Adobe leaked the new Color Grading tool in a video a few weeks ago, bringing a greater level of control when introducing hues into shadows, midtones, and highlights. It had long felt odd that other Adobe software such as Premiere featured this type of interface, leaving Lightroom strangely unsophisticated.

The new version of Lightroom promises improved performance when using Brushes and Gradients, as well as faster scrolling when browsing files.

Shooting tethered with a Canon camera will now offer a real-time view, as well as giving photographers the option to control settings, including autofocus.

Zooming has always felt a little clunky in Lightroom and Adobe promises a better experience that seems more similar to Photoshop.

Other updates include support for new cameras and lenses, and more control in naming upgraded catalogues.

Still missing from Lightroom are layers for more control when making local adjustments, as well as the option to create local adjustments using hue, saturation and luminance. Such changes might require Adobe to rebuild Lightroom from the bottom up, a shift that many see as long overdue.

Are you excited to see these new features? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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