Adobe Lightroom Classic 10 Received New Updates

Following the 2021 version of Photoshop, Adobe also released new updates for the Lightroom Classic version 10, bringing some new features and UI improvements.

Despite the popularity of Capture One and similar catalog-based raw image processor software, Lightroom has a large user base and Adobe has been improving the client consistently. It is still the main software for many photographers who prefer to edit their images within a single suite since it is relatively easier, yet powerful compared to other raw processors.

Unlike the exciting features like the Neural Filters that Photoshop 2021 has received, Lightroom Classic 10 comes with more traditional updates focusing on user interface, performance and color controls. In this video, Ted Forbes from the The Art of Photography explains all new features of the latest Lightroom Classic 10 update and demonstrates how to use them effectively.

As Forbes explains in the video, Adobe has been moving the processing to GPU from the CPU; allowing some tasks inside the Lightroom render faster and accelerating the user interface for a smoother experience. With this new update, the new features will benefit from GPU acceleration even more.

What do you think about the latest updates of Lightroom? Let us know in the comments section below.


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