App That Replicates Effect of a Disposable Camera Receives Huge Investment From Reddit Co-Founder

The new venture fund of Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has made its first investment, in that of a disposable camera app. Known as David’s Disposable, users take photos but must wait until 9am the next day to see them, in order to replicate the real effect of getting disposables developed.

David’s Disposable is the brainchild of YouTuber and internet personality David Dobrik, and his friend Natalie Mariduena, with the idea stemming from using real disposables at parties. The pair said they actually liked the procedure of not having the images instantly available to see. “With disposable photos, you’re not sitting there and making sure you get the right photo,” said Dobrik.

Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six fund led contributions, which amounted to over $4 million for the social-media platform, Dispo.

Their USP is that it encourages users to create “authentic” photos that haven’t been edited. Images can also then be ordered as prints through the same app.

The popularity of such an app is not much of a surprise, given how many big platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have attempted to replicate the effect of a disposable in their filters. At the time of writing, the app has had 2.6 million downloads from the Apple app store.

“I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to work with David,” Mr. Ohanian said.

Lead image by Azfan Nugi on Unsplash.


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