Are Facebook Photography Groups Worth It When It Comes to Constructive Criticism?

I’m sure most Facebook groups are started with the best of intentions so people with similar interests can share their passions. However, is the constructive criticism you get from Facebook groups really that helpful?

Social media has brought the world closer over the last couple of decades, and in many ways, that has been a wonderful thing. In other ways, exemplified quite stunningly by the recent release of The Social Dilemma on Netflix, social media can be far more harmful than helpful. When it comes to groups on Facebook, most of us join because we have a genuine desire to share our interests and passions with individuals around the world. I’m a member of surfing groups, photography groups, rugby league groups, and fantasy sports groups, to name a few. However, in almost all of them, especially the ones related to the creative arts, things can take a turn south pretty quickly sometimes.

In this video by The School of Photography’s Marc Newton, he delves into constructive criticism and how it can actually be quite detrimental for photographers asking for help with their images. He lists a number of very valid reasons why asking for constructive criticism will do you no favors on social media. The one that resonated the most with me was the need for us to remember that public groups are just that: public groups that anyone in the world can join, which means you should be mindful of who is actually giving you the advice. He also offers some advice about the types of photos you should upload in order to get the best possible opportunity of receiving something helpful. 

Give the video a look and let me know your thoughts. Do you have any experiences, good or bad, with dealing with constructive criticism in Facebook groups?


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