Being a Pro Photographer and a YouTuber

I had been a photographer long before I wrote for Fstoppers. After a few years writing here I decided to give YouTube a crack. What was very interesting was the response from photographers and agents to seeing me on the platform.

Spoiler alert, being on YouTuber really hurts your credibility as a professional commercial photographer, both amongst photographers and also amongst agents. More recently I changed my YouTube channel’s name and built a separate website with emails etc. that now has very little to do with my profession. For myself, photography is my job and YouTube is my hobby.

I was fully aware that YouTube wouldn’t help my photographic career, but I didn’t know that it would negatively impact it. In this video I go over the issues with being both a photographer in the commercial space as well as being present on YouTube. I also talk about how to manage both aspects if this is a problem that you too are coming up against.

Going forward I plan to continue the YouTube channel under my new guise of Tin House Studio whilst keeping my professional work firmly placed with my agent and in the world in which they work. 

What are your opinions of photographers who also have YouTube channels?


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