Beyond Ultra-wide: Fstoppers Reviews the Laowa FF 9mm f/5.6 W-Dreamer Lens

We all know this lens is currently the widest rectilinear lens in the market today. But how well does it actually perform?Venus optics released the Laowa 10-18mm for full frame mirrorless cameras not too long ago. Even just on paper, as the widest non-fisheye full frame lens in the market, that ultra-wide angle zoom was definitely ground breaking. Not long after being able to test it out for architecture photography as I wrote about in my previous review, Laowa has yet again released another revolutionary ultra-wide angle lens, this time a prime at 9mm with an unusual maximum aperture of f/5.6. While absolutely impressed by the simple thought of being able to shoot at 9mm with a full frame camera, it was of course crucial to see whether the lens lives up to Laowa’s reputation of having amazing optics.Build and DesignThe Laowa FF 9mm f/5.6 follow’s what can be dubbed as Laowa’s signature lens aesthetic with a full metal body from the lens hood to the mount, a metallic black finish with a blue ring just below the lens markings, a 2-inch focus ring below a half-inch clicking manual aperture ring topped off by an all-metal lens cap that protects the bulbous front glass element from potential damage. Laowa also offers an add-on of a magnetic mount 100mm square filter holder for this lens which might interest landscape photographers who would like to try doing long exposures with such a wide angle view.

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