Camera Nerds Going Crazy Over NASCAR Image Blunder

A recent post to twitter by NASCAR has left photographers and camera nerds around the world stumped at how they missed this simple image editing mistake.Since digital took over the photography world in the early 2000s, analog film was generally phased out of professional work for the most part due to the new flexible workflow that digital photography afforded. Because of this, there is a new generation of creative content creators, graphic designers included, that are blissfully unaware of the variety of camera film stocks and their intended uses.That brings us on to the NASCAR image blunder. To celebrate Chase Elliott’s record of achieving three consecutive road course victories in the NASCAR cup series, they tweeted a composite image of Elliott on what looks to be a roll of Ilford film; the only problem is the photos are in color and the film (Ilford HP5 Plus) was only ever made in black and white.

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