Can Luminar 4’s AI Sky Replacement Beat Photoshop?

Replacing the sky in a photograph is traditionally a fairly tedious process, particularly if you are dealing with a complex structure consisting of things like tree branches and the like. However, Luminar 4 brought with it a new AI sky replacement tool that promised to drastically reduce the amount of time and effort that goes into the process. Can it hold its own with Photoshop? This great video pits them head to head to find out. Coming to you from PiXimperfect, this excellent video takes a look at Luminar 4’s AI sky replacement feature and if it can hold its own against Photoshop. I have been using the program for about half a year now, and I personally love the sky replacement features. It is not always perfect, but it is pretty darn good the vast majority of the time, and it has really inspired my creativity and set me off exploring all sorts of different ideas. One thing that really impresses me is that the program works beyond simply masking in the new sky, with features like the ability to relight the scene to match the new sky and adjust its blur to match the depth of field. It’s pretty neat and powerful; check out the video above for Dinda’s full thoughts. 

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