Canon and Nikon Mirrorless Fans Should Be Excited: Tamron Lenses Are on the Way

In an interview that slipped under the radar a few months ago, one of Tamron’s U.S.A sales managers confirmed that Canon RF and Nikon Z-mount lenses are currently in the pipeline.Talking to Englewood Camera in this video, Tamron’s Marc Morris is asked whether Tamron has plans to manufacture lenses for Canon and Nikon’s new mirrorless cameras. “Under development for both,” Morris confirms. “The mirrorless paradigm is our focus.”Tamron has transformed its reputation as a manufacturer in recent years, producing a series of high-quality, very affordable lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras. It has just completed its alternative trinity of intelligently compromised f/2.8 zooms (check out this review of the brand new 70-180mm f/2.8), providing Sony shooters with fast, compact, and versatile lenses that shave a few millimeters of width or reach in order to save on size and weight, but without undermining performance.Canon fans will be excited to learn that affordable glass will be appearing for R-series cameras in the near future, acting as a complement to the high-end, high-priced glass produced by Canon since the launch of the EOS R in October 2018.Nikon users will be equally pleased. While Nikkor Z-mount glass is much more affordable than Canon’s RF lenses, a broader choice of glass will be welcomed. For both Canon and Nikon, a greater selection of lenses at a wider range of prices will increase the appeal for customers to shift from DSLR to mirrorless.Are you excited to see Tamron producing lenses for Nikon and Canon mirrorless cameras? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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