Canon EOS R5 Review for Wildlife Photography

A 45-megapixel sensor, 8K video recording, 8-stop in-body image stabilization, Dual Pixel AF, and 12 frames per second shooting; What do these things have in common? They are all present on the seemingly wildlife-prepared Canon EOS R5. Here’s a hands-on look at how well it pulls it off.

This refreshing review of the Canon EOS R5 comes from the perspective of accomplished wildlife photographer and long-time Nikon shooter Isaac Spotts. He spent a week with not only the new EOS R5, but the EF 600mm f/4L III as well to photograph and record bears, elk, moose, and more. Much more valuable than looking at arbitrary number ratings and side-by-side comparisons, Spotts offers us an inside look to what actually using the camera is like and the art it can help to create. Rounding off the review period is a look back at what he liked and didn’t like about using the camera, including points of interest for wildlife shooters such as the animal eye autofocus, image stabilization, and low-light competency.

Released earlier this year, the EOS R5 has been heralded as the comeback camera for Canon as they begin taking their mirrorless cameras seriously. In 2020, no longer are people giving quizzical looks when someone declares they are switching to Canon. If you’re on the fence about switching too as a wildlife photographer, this review is for you.


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