Canon Might Have a Nifty Trick up Their Sleeve to Control Overheating on Their Mirrorless Cameras

In the last few days, concerns have arisen about overheating issues in the Canon EOS R5 and R6 cameras. While we have yet to see much real-world usage of the cameras to evaluate how deep these issues might run, Canon might already have an interesting solution up their sleeve.There has been a lot of excitement around the crazy video capabilities of the EOS R5 and R6 cameras, but concerns about possible overheating issues impeding filmmakers’ ability to work without interruption have arisen. Canon News recently uncovered Japan Patent Application 2019-186871, which features an active cooling system built into an EF-to-RF lens adapter. Given the shorter flange distance of the RF mount, there is extra physical room in adapters, which Canon has used to create some really novel devices, including an adapter with a control ring and others with built-in polarizing and ND filters. This particular adapter would use that extra space to create airflow to cool the sensor while shooting video. How effective this would be is unclear at the moment, and of course, while the patent exists, that does not necessarily mean the product will come to market. Nonetheless, it is quite interesting to see. 

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