Canon Should Bring Out an RF Mount APS-C Camera and Without Killing off EOS M

Two interesting rumors emerged this week, one suggesting that Canon will kill off its M-series cameras, and another suggesting that an RF APS-C camera is only a year away. Despite the full-frame furor of the last few years, Canon should keep both of these formats. Here’s why.Canon Rumors recently reported some alleged and somewhat bizarre and lackluster specifications for a forthcoming EOS M7, positioning the camera more as a replacement for the M50 rather than a successor to the M5 or M6 Mark II, effectively making it the body that finally kills off the M-series. This seems very unlikely given the popularity of these cameras (particularly in Asia), but it does reinvigorate the debate as to what Canon is planning in terms of its crop sensor cameras. The Japanese manufacturer’s future has always felt a bit awkward given that it’s stuck between two mounts, especially given that we’ll never see an adapter that connects RF glass to M-series bodies come to market.To further stoke those fires, there’s now another, perhaps stronger suggestion that Canon will follow Nikon and create an RF mount camera with an APS-C sensor. There are vague rumors that a well-specced APS-C RF-mount camera — perhaps an R7 — will make an appearance in the latter half of 2021.For Nikon, APS-C Z-mount made a lot of sense as, unlike Canon, it didn’t have a completely separate line of small sensor cameras getting in the way of its developments. Given the market’s collapse, Nikon must now be relieved that it killed off the 1-series back in 2018 — something it perhaps should have done a lot sooner, with hindsight — rather than trying to flog more life into it.

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