Canon’s Flagship Mirrorless Camera Is Coming Next Year

The Canon EOS R5 has wowed photographers and videographers alike with its wildly impressive specs sheet, but Canon has made it clear that the R5 is analagous to the 5D DSLR series, meaning an R1 analagous to the flagship 1D series will eventually make it to market. And the good news is that the R1 will likely be here next year. 

The EOS R5 contains a bevy of highly impressive features, including 8K raw video, 20 fps continuous burst rate, and 45-megapixel resolution. Nonetheless, the EOS R1 is still on the horizon. Canon Rumors is reporting that the R1 is coming next year, likely in the second half of the year. There is not much known about what we can expect from the camera, but undoubtedly, it will contain a lot of the company’s flagship technologies in a highly rugged body. In all likelihood, it will have a lower-resolution sensor than the R5; I would expect it to be around 20-24 megapixels. Of course, it is important to remember that with COVID, any sort of schedule is tentative at this point, but as of now, it looks like the R1 is on pace for next year, which should be great news for Canon shooters. 


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