Canvases: Affordable Art for the Nomadic Lifestyle

I move a lot. It’s kind of my thing. In the past sixteen years, I’ve called fourteen different places home and I’m currently packing up and getting ready to move again. One thing I’ve discovered over the years is that lightweight, self-contained art — like canvases — is easier and safer to move. I’m always open to trying out different vendors for printed products, so I was excited to give 365Canvas a try and see if their products would work well for my nomadic lifestyle.As a young landscape photographer, just beginning to print my work and participate in photography shows, I was hyper-focused on the traditional route of printing on paper, matting, and framing. With each show, I would invest lots of money in archival prints, matboard, and attractive frames that didn’t feel cheap or flimsy. When you’re part of a show, there’s a massive investment of time and money with no guarantee on return. You spend the money and hope for the best, but whatever doesn’t sell, you bring home. Whenever I had leftover framed work I would hang what I could around the house, but then I would move again. Safely transporting my framed pieces made it more of a hassle when it was time to move.

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