Check Out the Unique Lottery System for Photographing Coyote Buttes North

In today’s world, some locations must be protected from the popularity of photography.

There is a spot most of us have seen but probably have never been to. It actually has its own nickname. The Wave is a rock formation famous for its unique features. It is located in Coyote Buttes North on the Utah Arizona border. This is not a place you can pull the car off the road and get a picture of. There are only twenty permits issued per day making it one of the more exclusive photographic experiences one can find. Half of the days are booked months in advance and there are 10 walk-in spots per day. During the busy season there can be 150 photographers hoping for one of the limited passes.

Photographer, Todd Dominey, has put together a great video that covers his experience with obtaining the permit via a lottery system. There is an interesting story on how exactly something like this is actually enforced.

Everyday more and more people are getting out there trying to get the best photos at the coolest places. While this may seem innocent enough, some spots lack the infrastructure for all the extra traffic. I wonder if there will be more locations opting for this type of approach in an effort to preserve the more delicate natural landscapes we all like to enjoy.

Find out more about Coyote Buttes North or how to get a permit for yourself at


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