Critique the Community Natural Light Architecture

World-renowned architectural photographer Mike Kelley, made light painting buildings mainstream but sometimes, natural light is the best choice. For this next critique, we want to see shots that were taken without any additional strobe light.

Heavy retouching/Photoshop is allowed in this critique, but we want to know how you captured the shot. Is the image basically straight out of the camera or did you blend 5 different exposures together in post? Maybe you blended time together by compositing images together taken over the course of minutes or hours. Make sure you explain how the image was achieved in the description box of each upload. 

Mike Kelley will be a guest judge for this critique and unlike past critiques, the highest-rated image WILL NOT win a free tutorial this time around. Instead, Mike will be able to give out two free tutorials to images that he really likes. 

Each photographer can upload a maximum of three images, and images without descriptions will be disqualified. 


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