Critique the Community Nude Photography

We will almost certainly regret this, but the next Critique the Community will be themed around artistic nudes.

Sometimes the line between fine art and porn can be blurred but we would like to see your best artistic nude photographs. Make sure your images have professional lighting, production, and modeling that isn’t overtly sexual. 

Don’t forget to tag your submissions with the “NSFW” (not safe for work) check box when you upload. All submissions will be blocked for non-members and all images will be edited for our live critique on Youtube to keep them appropriate for the masses. 

Each photographer is allowed to submit up to three different images and make sure you write a few sentences about the gear you used, or how you lit the photograph. We want to be able to have details to discuss during the show. 

The featured image was taken by: Georgy Chernyadyev


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