Discount Alert: The Sony a7 III Has Never Been So Cheap

The Sony a7 III is still an incredibly popular camera and that’s probably one reason that it’s held its price for so long — until now. Sony has a number of discounts available at the moment but it’s the price of the a7 III that grabs the headlines. Will you be placing an order?

For what feels like an eternity, the a7 III has maintained its price of $1,998. As predicted following the launch of the new Sony a7C, there’s now a sizable discount available, shaving it by $300 to $1,698.

Canon has the EOS RP ($899) and Nikon has the Z 5 ($1,296.95), so Sony doesn’t have a full frame mirrorless offering that is grabbing customers for its low price. I personally expected the a7C to go head-to-head with Canon and Nikon, but Sony went a different route, trimming down the size and weight of the a7 III to make a very similar camera in a slightly smaller format, perhaps protecting its extensive range of APS-C format cameras.

This still doesn’t quite put the a7 III up against Canon and Nikon’s budget cameras, but it’s still a notable discount, placing it $100 cheaper than the a7C ($1,798).

Sony has made a few other discounts, one of which is the a6000, down from $549 to $399. Check out the full list here.

Will you be placing an order? Let us know in the comments below.


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