DJI Announces New OM 4 Smartphone Stabilizer

DJI has announced the latest update to its popular Osmo Mobile smartphone stabilizer. The OM 4 stabilizer features upgraded motors to better handle increased weight, an upgraded and less obtrusive magnetic phone mount, and more, all for little more than its predecessor.The OM 4 is naturally DJI’s best smartphone stabilizer yet. As our phones become ever larger, handling increased size and weight is more important than ever. Thanks to upgraded motors, the OM 4 brings added stability and support for today’s latest large handsets. In addition, the new magnetic mount allows seamless connection between your smartphone and the OM 4. While this may be convenient for some, others may prefer a way to connect in a way that does not require an additional module to be stuck onto the back of the phone. Worry not, though, since the OM 4 still comes with a more traditional spring-loaded grip option as well. Rounding out the accessories in the package is a small, threaded tripod attachment to allow stabilized, static placement on the ground, a table, a car — whatever platform you can find.

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