Do Any Other Photographers Take Lots of Landscapes, but Never Edit Them? Here’s How I’m Overcoming It

I love looking at landscape photography, and I enjoy taking them too, though I am by no means a landscape photographer. That disconnect needed to be overcome, so I started experimenting.My work as a photographer is primarily focused on commercial images and portraiture. I revel in the preparation, mood boards, the shoot itself, and the culling process. But one area of a complete shoot workflow that I really do love is the post-processing. It’s where I get to see my ideas come together and to create the finished product. Since I first started photography, editing has been a key part of my time as a photographer, as I had a background in Photoshop before I picked up my first camera. But then comes landscapes.Whether I shoot macro, portraits, adverts, cars, newborn, animals, sports, or whatever else finds itself in front of my camera through either my paid photography work or my reviewing of equipment, there’s one constant: landscape images are the only genre I almost never edit. I’m not talking about composites of skies or complex Photoshop work; I mean I don’t even adjust the raw files in Lightroom most of the time. I love taking the shots, but I can’t ever bring myself to do anything more than that. There is some bizarre cognitive dissonance between my love of taking all types of photographs and my complete disinterest in working on landscape images.At this point, I am sitting on tens of thousands of landscape images from all over the world and not just tourist locations. I’ve been to Iceland and Norway in the last two years, both of which are near the top of the charts of desirable destinations for landscape photographers. I look at the work of photographers like our own Mads Iverson in awe and yearn to shoot the locations, and in some cases, I have. I just never seem to edit them.

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