Do You Use the Gray Card for the Reason It Is Meant For?

Do you have a gray card? A piece of foldable card that has a gray tone which is called 18% gray? If you do, there is a chance you have used it to set the white balance. But that is not where the 18% gray card is meant for.A gray card is also called 18% gray. I have one in my bag, a foldable card from Lastolite. If white balance became critical, I used this card to have a reference point. I remember I tried to use it with the Lee Big Stopper also, to get rid of the infamous blue color cast. For that I took a second image with the card in view, so I could correct the color cast with a single click of a button in Lightroom.However, did you know the 18% gray card is not meant for white balance? In reality it is a calibration value for the built-in light meter.

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