Don’t Try to Please Everyone With Your Photography

Photography tends to attract a lot of fairly critical people, and it can be a bit much to take sometimes. Before you get too down about it all, it is important to remember that you simply can’t please everyone with your work. Coming to you from Thomas Heaton, this great video features him discussing dealing with the never-ending stream of critics in his comments section and how he continues despite them. Though Heaton is very respected both as a photographer and a teacher, with over 400,000 subscribers, he certainly has to deal with his share of detractors and unkind comments. The important thing to remember is that photographic taste is a subjective thing, and while comments on technique or the like can be helpful for improving your work, people often confuse comments on subjective creative choices with those on objective questions of technique. Furthermore, it is generally a good guideline to consider the source of feedback and to reject any comments that are overly positive or negative, as neither are likely to contain valuable information on your work. Personally, I like to find a friend or two whose opinions I trust and listen to them only. Check out the video above for Heaton’s full thoughts. 

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