DPReview TV: Best entry-level full frame mirrorless – Nikon Z5 vs. Canon EOS RP

Och Elo

I’ve used both cameras with their respective cheap kit lenses. Just to state the obvious, the Z5 is objectively better in almost any metric that makes a camera a camera. As far as the kit lenses, I found performance to be quite similar from 24-50, so the 24-105 has a huge advantage by virtue of also have the option to use 51-105. I’m not sure if many consumers are just buying a FF camera+kit lens and stopping these days, but if that was the plan I think the RP by virtue of the kit lens having better range AND overall being cheaper would probably be the better bet.

But you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not investing it at least 1 prime lens. The Z 50mm 1.8s is a superb lens, but for the price of that kit if you go with Canon you could pretty much get the 35mm 1.8 AND the new 85mm f/2.


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