DPReview TV: Nikon Z5 review

marc petzold

To all Price Point Moaners – into Germany, this Situation is as the following:
Nikon Z6 Body today (could change anytime) 1426 EUR
Nikon Z5 Body today 1247 EUR

Well, it’s just not a full 200 EUR less, but you Guys get the Point. Into Comparsion, Canon EOS R(I)P Body: 1299 EUR, and 3 others, which are lower Price Point (starting from 997 EUR, but very limited Stock, and only ONE (1) into Stock for this Price.

Seriously, for 1K, the old A7 II wins hands-down vs. the RP, anytime. IBIS, and better DR, and image Quality. It was originally a 1700 bucks DSLM, whileas the RP was designed as a beginners FF DSLR from the Pike up.

Back 2 Topic – the Z5 does have very good IQ, excellent build Quality, the same Weathersealing, to the Standards of Z6/Z7 according to Nikon, and a great EVF, also IBIS. Nikon needs to release more cheap normal, and S-Series Lenses. 3rd Party Support is currently lacking – Nikon should open the Z-Mount Specs.

Good Light.


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