Dramatically Speed up Lightroom Performance

If your copy of Lightroom Classic has been painfully slow, or you’re having trouble with images and adjustments loading in the Develop module it could be down to a few crucial settings. Tweak these and you could dramatically improve the speed of Lightroom, and your workflow.For the past year I’ve been scanning forums and watching YouTube videos trying to get Lightroom Classic running faster, and more efficiently, and until now I’ve struggled to edit high resolution images above 24MP. Images take ages to load, and running an adjustment brush across the photos nearly slows the software down to a halt. For a split second I thought I needed a faster computer, but my laptop (the Dell XPS 15 9570) is pretty damn powerful and should handle a few image files easily.But now I’ve found some key settings that’s sped up Lightroom and makes it so much easier to edit my high res shots. So, follow the steps below if you’re having a similar problem.Increase Cache SizeThis setting made the most noticeable difference for me. By default Lightroom Classic’s cache size is set to 1GB, according to Adobe, but they suggest to increase this to 20GB or more. To do this go to:Lightroom > Preferences (Mac OS) or Edit > Preferences (Windows)Then click the File Handling tab.In the Camera Raw Cache Settings area, experiment with a Maximum Size of 10.0 GB or more.

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