f/0.95 for Just $250? A Review of the 7artisans 35mm f/0.95 Lens for Crop Sensor Cameras

7artisans is developing something of a reputation for making extremely fast manual focus lenses for refreshingly low prices. How does this 35mm f/0.95 lens perform given that it costs less than $250?

This falls into what I would call faux-vintage: a lens full of idiosyncrasies that some would call flaws and others would call character. Earlier this year, I reviewed a similar lens from 7artisans for Sony full frame cameras, and while it certainly has its limitations, it proved to be a lot of fun for a relatively small amount of money. It certainly brought some much-needed soul to an otherwise dry and functional camera system.

If you fancy foregoing a little bit of speed (and character) for some autofocus and a more plasticky build, keep in mind that Sigma makes a highly regarded 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary for Sony crop sensor cameras, currently costing a mere $289 — down $50 on its regular price.

The recently released 7artisans lens is also available for Canon EOS M, Fujifilm, and Nikon Z APS-C cameras (as well as Micro Four Thirds) and is expected to start shipping as of December 9.

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