Finally, a Good Automatic Scanner for 35mm Film at Home

For those shooting and scanning 35mm, scanning can be slow and painful. That is, until now. 

In this video, Mat Marrash does a review of the Cameradactyl Mongoose prototype soon to be available to the public. The Mongoose is an automatic film scanner for specifically made for 35mm film. If you’re a film photographer who scans a lot of your own film, this scanner could shave off a lot of your time. If you run a small lab, this scanner can be a huge time-saver. 

As someone who shoots a lot of film, 35mm to 120 to 4×5, I spend far more time next to my scanner than I’d like. For 35mm in particular, the process is entirely too slow for what feels like a minimal payoff given the small negative. Further, I typically have multiple rolls to scan at once, which depending on the number, can take hours to scan. The one thing that will hold me back on buying one of these is the inability to utilize ICE, as my Epson V600 can, and the fact that it only does 35mm. Should they ever make the hardware for also scanning 120, I could definitely see myself picking up the Mongoose. Who knows, with as much black and white as I shoot (you cannot utilize dust removal on black and white film), maybe I’ll look into one anyhow. 

Do you scan your film at home? How much time do you think you’d save with an automatic film scanner?


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