Fox News Fails at Photoshopping Fake News

Fox News has been accused of deliberately manipulating photographs in order to mislead its audience during its coverage of the ongoing Black Lives Matters protests.The controversy was first picked up by the Seattle Times, noting that composited images were used as part of the network’s reporting on the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), a part of Seattle that has ceded to protesters who are campaigning for justice following the death of George Floyd.Two of the photographs that appeared on the Fox News homepage featured the same man wielding an automatic rifle and wearing a green mask. One of the photographs showed an Old Navy store sign despite there not being an Old Navy store inside the CHAZ. The image is three different photographs composited together.Fox News, a totally normal and respectable media outlet, digitally manipulated photos of Seattle’s “autonomous zone” by photoshopping in a gunman.— Mark Joseph Stern (@mjs_DC) June 13, 2020
If the mixed light sources were not already confusing, one of the images showed the masked gunman missing part of his left arm.Fox news deadass posted this pic in an article and didn’t think people would notice the obvious and TERRIBLE photoshop.— товарищ バレンチニア (@DM_ME_YOUR_CATS) June 13, 2020
Another photograph illustrating the article that reported that “armed guards patrol anarchists ‘autonomous zone’” and showed a man running through a burning scene. This photograph was taken in Minnesota several weeks ago and long before the autonomous zone was established.Fox News’ Photoshopping of images covering CHAZ extends to intentionally miscaptioning images of burning burnings and wrecked vehicles from Minneapolis riots. Complete lack of journalistic integrity. via @reddit— Disrupt MediaLab (@dmedialab) June 13, 2020
Following inquiries from the Seattle Times, Fox News removed the images from the article and issued an apology. “Fox News regrets these errors,” the website states.

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