Hands-on with the Sony a7S III

The a7S III is the third model in Sony’s lineup of video-oriented mirrorless cameras, beginning with the original a7S in 2014 and the a7S II in 2015. Keen observers will note that five years have passed since the previous model was announced – which may seem an eternity in Sony years – so it’s understandable that expectations are high.

While the a7S III undoubtedly speaks to videographers and filmmakers, Sony has taken a different approach to its video flagship than we’ve seen from other companies, eschewing the headline specs found on other cameras and foregoing features like high resolution image sensors and 6K, or even 8K, video.

Instead, it embraces good old-fashioned 4K video, a production standard that will remain relevant for many years. Rather than chase ever bigger headline numbers, it focuses on doing one thing and doing it really well. It may still say 12MP on the box, but there’s a lot of exciting tech going on under the hood, so let’s take a look at everything that’s new.


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