Has Wedio Created the Airbnb for Camera Gear?

Whether it’s Uber, Turo, or Airbnb, the sharing economy has been behind some of the biggest changes in how people use their car or home. Wedio has launched a new twist on photo and video gear rentals that might just change how everyone buys and owns their next camera.A few weeks ago, I wrote about how your next camera might be a subscription, where I explored some of the potential changes to the traditional dealer-based business model. It’s been an idea that has interested me for a while, as these same trends are already shaping other capital-intensive markets like cars and homes.What makes Wedio special is their merging of a pro-film gear subscription with the ability to rent that gear out to other users. Through this model, photographers and videographers can reduce their costs on both ends by paying a subscription fee far smaller than the upfront purchase price and further reducing that cost by renting out that gear through the marketplace when it’s unused.


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