How Do You Actually Think of Good Ideas?

It is all well and good to put all the time and effort you can into making yourself an apt photographer, but when it comes time to be creative, how do you actually come up with good ideas? This fantastic video tackles a rather nebulous subject to help you become a better photographer. 

Coming to you from Jamie Windsor, this informative video discusses how to train yourself to come up with good creative ideas. This is always a tricky subject, as it is not something that can be objectively codified like learning to make a proper exposure. I have always used artificial limitations when I have found myself in some sort of creative rut. By placing restrictions on your process, you are forced to come up with ways to work around them, and this can often give your creativity the jumpstart it needs. And these limitations do not need to be overwrought or too over the top; simply choosing to do something like only shoot at narrow apertures or slow shutter speeds for the day can help you break through that creative block and get back on track. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Windsor.


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