How I Created This Cinematic Scene in Photoshop

In this video walkthrough, I will show you all the steps it took to create this gritty cinematic scene in Photoshop. I did start out with another concept in mind but this is sometimes what happens when you create: You start with one idea and it evolves into something else.

In the video, you will not only hear the thoughts running through my head as I edited the image, but also see the piece come together at the same time. The video starts off with what is in my opinion the worst part of the job: Cutting out. This is because I use the pen tool for my cut-outs and it is very boring. But it does give the best results, so this is a perfect case of suffering for the art. Once all the cutouts are done, it is then like building a jigsaw. Trying to fit everything into a pleasing composition.

As the tutorial moves along you will see me bring in a model, and explain how I went through multiple model stock to find something I was happy with. I like strong movie-style poses, but I also like the in-between poses. The ones where you capture them post-event, or pre-event. I think those poses have more storytelling power to them. And I feel the look and emotion on this model told us more than your standard movie pose. Once I have all pieces in place it is basically down to color and tone matching and then on to styling.

This video walkthrough is great for people of all levels who want to see how a composite like this is pieced together. When I was learning I found it of great benefit to watch other artists’ processes and workflow, taking what I needed and applying it to my own. And that is what you should be doing all the time, learning and then putting that into action. You need to do both together.


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