How Long Does It Take To Get Good at Photography?

Photography is a bit of a never-ending cycle of learning and failing. However, I often get asked how long it takes to get good, as well as how to achieve that.

When I started out in photography, I thought that in about 3 years (the length of a degree in the U.K.) I would be at as good a level as a professional photographer. However, I found myself at a point where I was able to assist a photographer, badly. Thankfully I have somewhat of an obsessive nature and I am also very single-minded (to a fault), so over a decade later I had managed to make photography my career. 

As a photographer who is also present on YouTube and social media in general, I often get asked advice from fellow photographers about why they are not successful yet, but when I ask how long they have been practicing for, they have only been learning for 2-3 years. And who knows how intensely they have been working in that time?

In this video I go over my theory as to how long it takes to get to various levels of photography. As well as looking at the actual amount of work required to get to each stage. Hopefully, this can put a few minds at ease. Although knowing this doesn’t stop me from constantly being disheartened by my own progress. 


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