How Much Money Does One Million Video Views Get You on YouTube?

The dream of many people is to be able to leverage a platform like YouTube as a full-time career, but of course, with such spaces absolutely inundated by many creatives, that is not easy. Nonetheless, if you can make it, what kind of money can you expect? This great video features a YouTube educator discussing his actual revenue on several of his million-views videos.

Coming to you from Justin Odisho, this informative video discusses the kind of revenue he has received from videos of his that have reached one million views. With over 800,000 subscribers and almost 100 million total views, Odisho has achieved a lot of success on YouTube, but it certainly has not been without an incredible amount of consistent effort. Odisho has been putting out high-quality educational content for several years now, backed up by excellent production and engaging presentation, and it really highlights just how much work it is to achieve a dedicated audience at a level that makes the platform a legitimate form of sustainable income. That being said, if that is something you are truly committed to doing, it is great to get an inside look at exactly the sort of revenue you can expect once you find success. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Odisho.


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