How One YouTuber Gained 135,000 Followers Last Year

For many creatives, making a living from YouTube or at least establishing a notable presence is a dream, but with a fiercely competitive and highly crowded space, doing so is anything but easy. This excellent video features one YouTuber discussing how he gained 135,000 followers in 2020.

Coming to you from David Manning, this insightful video features him discussing how he gained 135,000 followers in 2020. One thing I have always noticed that seems to undercut a lot of channels with otherwise great content and a lot to say is a simple lack of production quality. Take a look at any top YouTuber, and you are likely to notice that their production quality — lighting, color grading, set design, etc. — is top notch. This is crucial particularly nowadays: because we are so inundated with content, people look for quick — very quick — ways to evaluate if any particular video, image, etc. is worth their time. One of the most common ways they do this (whether consciously or not) is through the production quality of the media. Taking the time and effort to both learn how to and to implement a high-quality production process will help you set the foundation you need. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Manning. 


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