How to Become a Commercial Photographer in a Small Town

The commercial photography world is tough to get into, but it is made even tougher if you don’t live in certain cities like Paris, London, or New York. Here is how we can get around this.

I would often dream about being a big-time photographer in Paris or New York, living among the hustle and bustle and rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers of the world. However, I find myself living in a small city in the UK a couple of hours outside of London, which is a position many of us around the world who want to be commercial photographers find ourselves in. There isn’t a single art buyer where I live, we have three stylists in my genre of work, and I am the only food photography studio. There are a host of ad agencies, but only three get campaigns at the level that I shoot at. So, building a business just within my city limits isn’t really an option for me if I want to earn a good living. 

In this video, I talk about what you need to own, have, and do in order to become a commercial photographer living in a small town or city and how you can work around the difficulties that we all come up against. Thankfully, we live in a very global world now, and with the internet, a lot is possible.  


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