How to Feel Fulfilled by Your Work: Shoot for Yourself First

Around four months ago, amidst a harsh lockdown here in South Africa, I moved from the big city to a small coastal town, Betty’s Bay, nestled between the Overberg mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. There was no work coming in, and there was no budget to rent additional gear for any shoots. It was worrying, but on the upside, I had to do something to occupy my mind and pass the time, and luckily, I had my camera to shoot while I wait. What followed was two months of intense filming and editing for my first narrative short film. The film’s original idea started off as a time-lapse-only film, showcasing the mountain’s shadow moving across the landscape spliced with detailed shots of the fauna and flora surrounding the area. Only parts of this region receive a few hours of sunlight every day, so it felt like the perfect fit to showcase how life thrives in these harsh winter months of limited light, constant rain, and icy temperatures. 

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