How To Make Contacts in the Industry When You Know No One

Unfortunately, photography is very a much a case of who you know. You could be the best photographer in the world, but if no one knows you, it won’t get you very far.

Coming from a very lower working class background, I didn’t know a single agent, director, art buyer, or professional photographer growing up. By the time I had decided that photography would be my profession, I was already into my mid-20s, and all of the contacts that I had made to date were in the science field. 

After going through the phase of thinking I was great and actually being useless, I finally started to take some good images, but I couldn’t get in with any of the big agents or agencies. I felt at the time like my work was on par with others who were getting these opportunities, but I just didn’t have the contacts to get myself in front of the right people.

In this video, I go over what I have since learned and discuss how to make contacts in the world of commercial photography. This is no quick fix, but thankfully, it has finally paid off for me and others around me who did similar things at the same time. 


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